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    AIM South Florida Support Groups
      US - Southeast
    Alaskan Native Baskets
    Tlingit US - Alaska
    Alaskan Native Tlingit cedar bark and spruce root baskets, and information.
    Alphabet Street - special language characters & diacritics
    This section of GeoNative deals with accents, special characters, diacritic signs and transliteration systems. Many languages using latin alphabets use particular signs, and other languages use non-latin alphabets.
    An Introduction to Dakota Culture and History
    Dakota US - Central
    This website covers basic information about Dakota Culture and History and includes an Art Gallery.
    An Introduction to Ojibway Culture and History
    Anishinaabe US - Central
    This website covers basic information about Ojibway Culture and History and includes many graphics.
    Anishinabeg Mashkode Arts
    Ojibwe US - Northwest
    This site is for Native American Traditional Education and Art. I specialize in cradle making and I am also a Native impressionist painter. Traditional Native Arts Oil and Acrylic Paintings takinagan/hoksi unpapi (cradleboards) tanning hides Traditonal Native Clothing Cradle Video Instruction Available
    Appalachian Mountain Outreach
    Cherokee United States
    An organization working towards helping the elderly, children, and other native americans with food/household goods.
    Archeryrob's Index
    This is my page with Primitive Archery information and links. I also have a page about having America's Sportsmen working under a united front. If you do one thing in your sporting adventures, please join a club. Be it a bow, gun or other club but, join and add your name to their ranks to give us all support. Also, encourage any club in which you belong, to be a member of a State run Sportsmen's Association. If we all work together we can do anything.
    Arizona Native American Republican Committee
      US - Southwest
    Provides fair and accurate information to tribal and urban communities regarding the Republican agenda and canidaties. Also provides information to our elected officals regarding Native American issues, culture and soverignity.
    Asociación Napguana
    Kuna America - Central
    La ASOCIACION NAPGUANA, es una organizacion indigena con Personería Jurídica #182 de Abril de 1991 expedida por el Ministerio de Gobierno y Justicia del gobierno panameño, es una organización privada, sin fines de lucro, integrada por indígenas Kunas de Panamá.
    Astral Wolf Star
    Ojibwe Canada
    Astral Wolf Star - An Ojibwe Poet. Lots of spiritual, metaphysical, personal poetry.
    Ayibobo to the Vodoun Culture
    In this website, we have tried to showcase years of research. However if some of this material seems too dense to you it is because it is not meant to be a primer to the Vodoun Culture. In any case, take a look around, let the table of contents guide you. Beauty and harmony need not be understood.
    Chippewa US - Central
    This is a family history page in the making tracing roots back to the Bad River Indian Reservation.
    Bark Canoe
    Shawnee US - Northeast
    The term "bark canoe" always seems to conjure up the picture of the picturesque birch bark canoe, but the Shawnee rarely, if ever, used birch, which was not indigenous to the Ohio country. Several different types of trees were used for the making of the standard bark canoe, but the most favored was elm, since it was very flexible and easy to work with.
    Beading and Costuming - What it is and How To
    This area of my page is dedicated to the costumes, usually cloth, of the Kiowa and Comanche tribes. I will use some other northern tribes as examples of beadwork and such but since I am part Kiowa/Comanche, I have tended to stick to the tribes I know the best. The bead work and leather work examples on the linked pages are mine unless stated in a sub-caption. Breastplates and Drops, Buckskin Boots and moccasins, Earrings, Knecklaces and other Jewlery, Fans and Hairties, Crown's, Sashes, and Strike-a-Light Kits, Basic How-To on Beading with pictures (give it a try) and The Making of a Cloth T-Dress.
    Black Hawk & Son
    Sac United States
    Book about Black Hawk is finally out titled: "I AM A MAN AND YOU ARE ANOTHER". This lavishly illustrated 400 page hardcover book published by Adams Press of Chicago contains many years of my personal research and study of a fascinating historical era that spans from 1800 through 1838. It is filled with illustrations, maps and actual period portraits of people and places. This book weaves this enchanting historical period together with actual treaties, correspondence and testimony of the people who were a part of this era.
    Choctaw US - West
    About me and Arizona bands and there are some bands out of arizona! There are pictures,sports,and more stuff..there is a guestbook please sign the book please thanks!
    Bone flutes and whistles of New York
      US - Northeast
    The following is a reprint from the World Flutes Forum of the International Native American Flute Association newsletter. Volume 4, 2000. Flutes and whistles from the Lamoka Lake and the Frontenac Island cultures are observed, measured, reproduced, and played upon.
    Buffalo Jump
    Cree Canada - Western
    Multimedia work of First Nations Artist Glenn Griffiths. Site includes plenty of original work, the internets best Java, some custom Java, animated .gifs, tilable backgrounds, screensavers, graphics and much more. Site is constantly being updated.
    Butterfly's Tipi
    suggested subject: N/A family, history and ect.. My web pages of site has information on me and my family, a non-profit native organization, and the American Indian Movement.
    California Athapascan Home Page
    The Athabascan languages formerly spoken in the northern third of Mendocino and the southern half of Humboldt counties in northwestern California fall into three broad groups of closely related dialects: Hupa-Chilula, Mattole-Bear River, and Eel River.
    California's Modern Indian War
    Cedar Basket Weaver - Frances Jackson
      Canada - Northern
    I was born in old Hazelton in 1941. I am Fire Weed clan of the Gitksan Nation. I spent half of my life at the North Pacific Cannery in Port Edward, BC and the other half back in Hazelton. I remember going out with my great grandmother at a very young age to strip cedar bark. She used to dry huckleberries on cedar mats that would fit inside the cedar bentboxes. She would alternate four layers of berries and mats to fill the boxes to dry the berries for the winter. That was my first memory of cedar weaving.
    Cherokee Observer
    "The Only Independent Cherokee Newspaper" "The Original On-line Independent Cherokee Newspaper"
    Cheyenne Language Web Site
    Cheyenne is spoken in southeastern Montana, on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, and in central Oklahoma. It is a member of the large Algonquian language family of North America which includes other languages such as Blackfoot, Arapaho, Cree, Ojibwa, Algonquin, Potawatomi, Kickapoo, Menomini, Fox, Massachusett, Delaware, Shawnee, Micmac, and Naskapi.
    Chief Productions
    Chippewa Mexico
    Chief Productions is a state of the art digital (NLE) Video/Audio production studio. We specialize in the production of educational videos of Native American topic. We also specialize in professional high quality 35mm and medium format photography along with a complete video stock library of Southwest and Mexico content. Owned by Burton McKerchie, a Native American filmaker/producer,engineer and consultant. Burton is member of Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians in Upper Michigan.
    Chief Seattle on Internet
    Suquamish US - Northwest
    "Seattle has given his name to the town, but perhaps it should be spelled Seea-ath. He lived from 1787 until 1866. He gave in connection with negociations with USA 1854 a speech, which Dr. Henry Smith, who were on the spot, reproduced in Seattle Sunday Star many years later in fact 1887, based on his own notes. ... Unfortunately, the famous speech is not what was reproduced by Dr. Henry A. Smith in 1887."
    Bibliographic and other links, maintained by Per-Olof Johansson.
    Cindy's Quillin Pages
    Hello! Quills here! This cute little baby porkie is from Montana! Couldn't resist him & thought others might like to see him too (He's off a post card I found in a pop shop in Big Sky.) I love quillwork & make quilled items here & there as time allows. Unfortunately, once I start looking at quillwork I start oohhing & aahhing & there goes the time! Oh well! There is a page with some favorite quillwork, moose hair embroidery & other treasures I've found after long surfs through museums.
    Coalition of Native Americans Concerned with Disabilities
      US - Central
    To unite in a common cause, to identify and address disability issues in Indian Country.
    Comite de Apoyo de Indígenas de Honduras / Honduran Indigenous Support Committee
    Lenca America - Central
    The Honduran Indigenous Support Committee is made up of a group of people who are in solidarity with their just and modest demands, participate in activities in their comunities and seek to publicize their struggles.
    Comunicaciones Mapuche XEGXEG
    Mapuche America - South
    Comunicaciones Mapuche Xeg Xeg es una Corporación de Desarrollo, integrada por mujeres y hombres mapuche, jóvenes de edad o espíritu, que trabajamos por la promoción de la Cultura, la Educación, los derechos linguísticos, económicos y sociopolíticos del pueblo mapuche.
    Confederacy of Nova Scotia Metis
    Metis Canada
    The Confederacy of Nova Scotia Métis was created and exists to foster, promote and preserve our Métis identity and heritage. We will strive to provide education, training, business opportunities and leadership in self-governance
    Confederation of Indigenous Elders and Priests of America
      US - Southwest
    Copenhagen Declaration
    Crazyoglalas Tipi Homepage
    Lakota US - West
    Crazyoglalas Homepage Information, Links and Indian Humor.
    Cultural Foundation Ballet Andino
      America - South
    Music,dance,videos from Ecuador.
    Cös'a l'è a Padania - Che cos'è la Padania
      Europe & Russia
    A short overview of the Padanian language, spoken in southern Europe.
    Danena's Class Room
    Beading, Dress making, Fan Making, Purse Making ... This page is so we can all learn no matter where we live. We will be doing different projects that people are interested in learning how to do
      US - Southeast
    A Voice from the Wilderness asks that you hear the call of Mother Earth through your spirit. Egale's Totems tells of his animal spirit guides. Products made by hand are all natural crafts.
    Dr. Zviad K. Gamsakhurdia (1939-1993)
    The Memorial Page of the first President of the Republic of Georgia, Dr. Zviad K. Gamsakhurdia (1939-1993).
    Eagle Fugitive, Nelson Cross, Traditional Haida Artist
    Haida Canada - Western
    Exquitely hand-carved haida jewellery by renowed artist, Nelson Cross. Custom order your keepsake or gift today! Specializing in wedding band sets to ensure a truly memorable day!
    Elder's Council of the Cherokee Nation - Oklahoma
    Cherokee US - Southwest
    The Elders of the Cherokee Nation were a group of older Cherokees who, in the tradition of our people, were originally known as "The Wisdom Givers".
    First Nation Actors
    First Nation Actors is a not for profit website develped for the explicit purpose of enabling First Nation Actors to network with other FN Actors and Industry figures across Turtle Island. If you are a casting director, agent or otherwise please feel free to post 'free'casting notices, events,industry information and helpful tips in the message board. No 'pay for audition' notices allowed.
    Fundación Dobbo-Yala
    Kuna America - Central
    La Fundación Dobbo-Yala es una organización indígena no gubernamental, sin fines de lucro, que tiene como lema "El desarrollo Indígena y la conservación del medio ambiente".
    Gaceta chenera
    Maya Mexico
    This site are the first web about Hopelchén town of a center peninsula of Yucatán in México.with History, News,Pictures etc.
    Tlingit US - Alaska
    A story of how it is that an indigenous people of Southeast Alaska are the true owners of Kuiu Island. The Kuiu Kwaan and the other Thlingit Nations are indigenous to the land included within the Alexander Archipelago.
    Tlingit US - Alaska
    Essays and articles by Dr. James P. Bailey on legal and historical issues especially affecting the Kuiu Kwaan Thlingit Nation.
    galapagos islands cruises
      America - South
    The Galapagos Islands are a place where humans can watch, wonder and learn about the plants and animals that have inspired people since Darwin first stumbled upon the islands more than a century ago.
    GENEoNZ - NZ & Maori Genealogy
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    GeoNative! from Basque Country
    Basque Europe & Russia
    This is the site of Luistxo Fernandez, a Basque internaut. We believe in the diversity of the world's cultures. We focus on just one particular field: placenames, toponomy. We try to put our names and our languages right in the map.GeoNative is a bilingual site (Basque/English).
    geronimo's page(turkish lenguage)
      Europe & Russia
    Here is the geronimo's web site. In a different language from turkey and a different soul and colour.
    Gloria's Genealogy and History Gateway
    Greywolf Ravenstarlite
    Potawatomi US - Central
    My personal site for visitors to get a better understanding of my beliefs, heritage, & passions. Also a good networking resource with Pow Wow Calender & Native Links.
    Hach Winik Home Page
    Maya Mexico
    The Lacandons are the indigenous peoples of La Selva Lacandona in Chiapas, Mexico. They refer to themselves as the Hach Winik, meaning True People in their language. Their culture is inseparable from the Lacandon Rainforest where they have lived for hundreds of years. It is sometimes claimed that the Lacandons are the direct decendants of the classical civilizations of Palenque, Yaxchilan and Bonampak.
    Harry's Tamaracks
      Canada - Eastern
    Harry Whiskeychan, born in the bush 40 miles from Waskaganish on December 25, 1928. He was inspired by late John Blueboy in the art of tamarack making. In 1974, he made his very first tamarack decoy, "it wasn't much of a decoy," says Harry. After 24 years, he has become one of the finest artists in the art of tamarack making.
    Hassanamesit or “Place of the Small Stones,” Notes on the Indian Reservation at Hassanamesit or Hass
    Nipmuc US - Northeast
    Part I of a documentary summary of the history of the “Praying Indians” of the Nipmuc settlement at Hassanamesit, by a former Nipmuc tribal historian. It covers the period from the seventeenth century through the creation of Grafton, Massachusetts in 1728 from the reservation lands of the Nipmucs at Hassanamesit.
    Hats & Sashes of the Fur Trade
    Annette Hepner - making costumes for reenactors that are interested in early American history since the 1970's. I do custom weaving of yardage for clothing like shirts, breeches, frocks, and hats using only the best natural fibers like wool, silk, linen, and cotton for those who want to be totally authentic. I also finger or loom weave sashes and straps from commercial wool or my hand spun wool in the patterns and designs that are representative of the Fur Trade Era. I custom dye the wool yarn with natural or synthetic dyes. if necessary, and do beading. .
    Hawaiian language
      Pacific - South
    The Kualono World-Wide Web (WWW) service has been designed by the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo - Hale Kuamo‘-o office primarily to service the Hawaiian language speaking communities world-wide. Although the majority of information is in the Hawaiian language, we have included some resources in English for those interested in learning the Hawaiian language or interested in learning more about Hawa'i's indigeneous language, and the strides currently being made to ensure its perpetuation and continued growth.
    Hawks Page; Walking the RedPath
    Cherokee United States
    My pages are dedicated to intritribal ways and the Healing of the Hoop. It is my hope that what I teach will bring the four corners back together as one. The ofur sacred colors of the hoop, red, yellow, black and white. Aisv nv wado hi ya bo/ Walk in Peace Tawodi/Hawk
    Heart of Two Nations: African Native Americans
    Chickasaw US - West
    A personal site that list resources for classroom research on Southeastern tribes as well as a bibliography on mixed bloods. Includes community and tribal links.
    Hershman John - Navajo Poet
    Navajo US - Southwest
    My name is Hershman John. I come from the Navajo reservation and I am currently going to Graduate school at Arizona State University. My writing reflects who I am and where I come from. I am Navajo, and I am from Sand Springs, Arizona. My clans are of the Deer Spring People (my Mother's clan) and the Bitter Water People (my Father's clan).
    Hira Cooper - Freelance writer & journalist
    Maori Aotearoa-New Zealand
    This is the personal site for Hira Cooper. A maori freelance writer and journalist,who provides a monthly column on up to date issues in Aotearoa.
    History of Governmentally Coerced Sterilization - The Plight of the Native American Woman
    The purpose of this article is to trace the historical influence of governmentally funded sterilization from the beginning of the eugenics movement in the 19th century to see how this effects Native American women today. This topic will investigate the social prejudices and rationalizations for sterilization of the "less-talented" members of society advocated by the most influential social and biological scientists in American history.
    HTML language character codes from GeoNative
    Many special characters can be displayed with a browser like Netscape using the HTML character codes, but for some special characters the browser does not accept the character code but instead a numeric code. The table below shows both codes for each character. Codes not supported are repeated in the "Dispayed Character" column next to the code.
    Indian Ways
    Kiowa US - Central
    A site on mostly Kiowa and Comanche traditions and work. Pictures and explinations of beadwork, costumes, tribal traditions, music and bi-lingual children's stories (to be added soon)
    Ipheji labakhuluma isiZulu
    This site is in Zulu.
    Jake Two Feather's Pikuni Camp
    Blackfoot US - Northwest
    "I am a mixed blood aamsskaapipiikanii of the Siksika Confederation."
    John and Ali's Bona Fide Native American Literature and Poetry Club
    Pequot US - West
    Website to explore Native- American Literature and Poetry of and for today.
    Joyce R. Wilshusen-Native American-Cherokee
    Kamaria's Echota Cherokee Page
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Kau-Ta-Noh, Jr.'s 'till we die
    Lumbee US - Southeast
    Kau-ta-noh Jr's. is an exciting Native American Drum that originates from Robeson County, North Carolina. All singers are members of the Lumbee, Tuscarora, or Coharie tribes of North Carolina. Even though we have been together only two years, our style is very old.
    This site is a vision of sudanese people life and their dream and love.
    Kopbla Amerika
    Chamorro Micronesia
    Kopbla Amerika - is run by the Chamorro Information Activists and is committed to perpetuating the Chamorro way of life, increasing Chamorro awareness of their history and their relationship to the United States and advocating the decolonization of Guam.
    Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College
    Ojibwe US - Central
    Lakota Artist
    Lakota US - Central
    On this site you find items for sale hand crafted by an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota, the artist Robert Apple. His work is crafted using traditional and modern designs and techniques and always is from the heart.
    Lark Ritchie's Virtual-Home
    Cree Canada
    Laura Brooks' Home page
    Le Petit Journal
    Metis Canada
    Metis Nation of Saskatchewan On-Line Newspaper News, Politics, Humor, Education, etc.
    League of Separated Tribes
    Lemmiein's Genealogy Resources
    Lenapé Food
    The Native American domesticated more plants than any other race of man. Among these were corn, potatoes, coffee, beans, squash (pumpkins), strawberries, peas, tomatoes, cranberries, grapes, plums and apples. Without these domesticated plants, the permanent settling of the continent would have been much more difficult. Eventually these crops impacted cultures all over the world. The potato alone kept generations of Europeans from starvation. According to reports of the time, Lenapé women were unsurpassed as cooks. They cooked two meal a day, but generally kept something on the fire throughout the day. Their diet was rich and varied. Corn was by far the main staple, but was fixed in a variety of ways. In addition to their crops there were wild nuts and berries. They tapped the maple trees and boiled the sap for sugar and syrup.
    Lenguas Australes
    Kawésqar America - South
    suggested nation: Selknam, Kawesqar, Manekenk, Gününa küne, Aonikenk, Yamana Online references and resources about languages and cultures of South Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (South America).
    Little Hawkwoman's Native American Page
    Cherokee US - Southwest
    Living History and Pre-1840s Buckskinning
      US - Southeast
    Living History events can run the gamut from 1750's to Civil War to World War II. Also of interest to participants are Scottish festivals and Native American pow-wows. There is no way we can list every single event in every single category, so we're going to focus on pre-1840's rendezvous & living history events in the Southeastern U.S. If you're interested in a different area or type of event, that would be a great excuse to start your own page devoted to it! Goodness knows, the Web can use it.
    Lodge of Cloud Dancer
    Tribal Links , Poetry , NA Music
    Anishinaabe Canada
    Singer, songwriter, TV Host. Info on Loma's new Contemporary Aboriginal CD, lots of photos, some personal and contact information.
    Lorne Albert (Chippewa) Home Page
    Inuit Canada - Northern
    Showcasing the artwork of two Young Artists from Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Jomie Mike and Jeela Maniapik. Continuing the tradition of fine Inuit artwork.
    MARTY Project
    Chippewa US - Central
    The MARTY Project (Multi-Agency Response for Tribal Youth) is a voluntary, early intervention program designed to assist Tribal Youths and their families in changing problematic behaviors which may put youths at-risk for involvement in the criminal justice system.
    Anishinabek US - Central
    Educational resource for educational research
    Matachinga (Blackdog)
      US - Central
    A personal site of family and friends photo album. In memory of a great Kaskaskia/Tamaroa ancestor, Matachinga (Blackdog) of the Illini Confederacy.
    Metis Nation of the South
    Metis United States
    A sovereign indigenous nation established under international law and co-existing peacefully within the boundaries of the host countries. This is a nation of Metis (mixed-bloods) who celebrate their Native American ancestry and practice the heritage of their ancestors within the extended family of the nation. Metis history, culture and stories in the traditional manner are shared and contributions are welcome; however, sacred rituals or ceremonies will neither be accepted nor posted. (That's why they are called "sacred.")
    Mike Tutt Bii Ghaan
    Navajo US - Southwest
    A First Nation Owned Telecom & Utility Customer Acquisition Company.
    Miss Indian USA's Homepage - Tleena Ree Ives
    Klallam US - Northwest
    Missys Schweig Pages
    Inuit Canada - Western
    Fan site for actor/artist Eric Schweig. Site has many photos,links,message Board, and Tv Schedule. and more to come...
    Mitch Battese
    Potawatomi United States
    Prairie Band Potawatomi artist Mitch Battese. Uses oil on canvas to illustrate Native Spirituality and American Indian concepts.
    Moccasins of the Northeast
      US - Northeast
    Lenape (Delaware), Mohegan, Naskapi, Cree, Ojibwa, Huron, Micmac, Iroquois and Eastern Great Lakes
    Moowin & Windygrass singers
    MicMac US - Northwest
    a cool place with lots of cool things and lots of native american site links
    Morning Dove's Page
    Movimiento de la Juventud Kuna (MJK)
    Kuna America - Central
    El Movimiento de la Juventud Kuna (MJK)., organización que trabaja en defensa de la comarca y por los intereses economicos, sociales, ambientales, culturales de los jóvenes y del pueblo kuna. El MJK., constituye una fiel reserva y auxiliar de nuestro pueblo.
    Native American Actors/Actresses FAQ (1995)
    Native American Advocate Prisoner Defense Committee
    A site working for native american prisoners,their family members,etc. Read their stories and all the news and issues facing them.
    Native American Community of Kansas City
    Dakota US - Central
    Our website provides the Native American Community with news, links, powwow listings, and lists organizations that provide services to Native people in Kansas City.
    Native American Interbribal Council of TN
      US - Central
    Helping to keep traditions alive, through Educational programs, and Intertribal Pow Wows.
    Native American languages
      United States
    A sizable list of native languages and clasifications (of languages).
    Native Radiance
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    My site has a new look and alot of great information about recovering from eating disorders and I give examples of my beadwork. I am a Native American woman in recovery.
    Native Singers & Dancers
    Native WebSite
    Personal Art Gallery, free graphics, forum, guestbook, and more! Come visit, and check out one Chilcotin's first site.
      US - Southwest
    Dine (Navajo) Poetry
    Navajo Links Page by Packrat
    Navajo US - Southwest
    A page of links to Navajo-related websites with short descriptions of those sites.
    Navajo Mother Earth and Father Sky
    Navajo US - Southwest
    I am a Navajo Indian. Come visit my site and learn about me, my family and my people, the Navajo.
    New Echota
    Tsalagi US - West
    Dedicated to Tslagi (Cherokee) spirituality.
    North Country Pine
      US - Northeast
    Princess pine, Natural green or white moss, Birch Bark Tubes, Mossy Branches and other forest products.
    Nyudindon's Crafts
    Cayuga Canada
    This is the beginning of my website to bring to the world, crafts that i make. Will make and had made, I currently have necklaces made with cow bone and buffalo horn, shaped into eagle talons. Eventually as I make other items will include them into my website.
    Occaneechi-Saponi Tribal Newsletter
    Saponi US - Southeast
    Official Website of Nepal Thami Society
    This is the official website of Nepal Thami Society which is the umbrella organization of all Thami people living in Nepal. Thami is one of the highly marginalized indigenous people among 59 indigenous groups living in Nepal.
    Our Red Earth
      United States
    The homepage of a grass roots internet .org concerned with Native rights, free speech, and indirect support through communication.
    Pagina de los Pueblos del Ecuador
      America - South
    La pagina de los Pueblos del Ecuador es un espacio para difundir la lucha de los y las ecuatorianas por la justicia social, la soberania nacional y la dignidad humana. (a space to spread the fight of the Ecuadorians by social justice, soberania national and the human dignity. )
    Parched Corn
    Collected notes and recipes.
    Patuca Foundation Honduras
      America - South
    The Patuca Foundation's mission is the conservation and sustainable development of the remaining tropical forests in Honduras.
    Political Asylum for Lakota Activist Little Rock Reed
    Lakota US - Southwest
    by Mike Adams, Indian Country Today reporter
    Pope, McQuin and Beagle Family History
    Doing family research on my families - my great great grandmother McQuin was Native American - trying to locate which Nation I belong to. I thought it was Cherokee, but now I have doubts. I feel like a lost soul by not knowing.
    Potawatomi Studio
    Potawatomi US - Central
    Mitch Battese is a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribe in Kansas. He has a special interest in painting with oil or watercolor. Many of his subjects tend to have an underlying spiritual quality within them.
    Poverty Relief, Human Rights and Peace: Links
      US - Southeast
    My website is designed to help with survival and basic help for struggling people worldwide. This site was designed to offset the poverty, human rights abuses and war that have been caused by Europeans and European Americans worldwide. Please share it as needed. Seth Leonard
    Pueblos Indigenas, Antropología Derecho y Multiculturalismo
    Mapuche America - South
    Página dedicada a la lucha por los derechos colectivos de los Pueblos Indígenas Argentinos y latinoamericanos
    Quapaw Language
    Quapaw US - Southwest
    The Quapaw tongue belongs to the Dhegiha subdivision of the Siouan language family and is closely related to the Omaha, Osage, Kansa, and Ponca tribes, all of whom speak similar dialects. This is one of many reasons scholars agree that the Quapaw originally lived near or with the other Dhegiha Sioux.
    Quapaw Tribe of Indians, Oklahoma
    Quapaw US - Central
    The name "Quapaw" is a derivative of the tribal term Ugakhpa, meaning "down stream people." These people belong to the Dhegiha subdivision of the Sioux. It is believed that this group originally resided in the Ohio Valley.
    Rachel's American Indian Website
      United States
    My website has pages for 10 American Indian actors/actresses that include actor biographies, photos, filmographies, and the latest information.
    Rebeliones Indígenas
    Quechua America - South
    Los antecedentes históricos son una parte importante para presentar lo que fueron las rebeliones indígenas. El Imperio Inca habia comenzado 60 a 70 años antes de la llegada de los españoles. Tenían una organización que sobrepasaba muchas veces la imaginación de algunos historiadores y estudiosos. El Imperio privilegiaba su sistema religioso, siendo la base de su cultura y sociedad. Muchos elementos que la conformaban existían en función de sus creencias y mitos.
    Red Bear & Shanalee's Homepage
    Lakota US - Central
    A family Homepage depicting Red Bear's unique museum quality reproduction artifacts, and the beadwork of his wife, Shanalee.
    Red Turtle Native American Arapaho Dolls
    Arapaho US - West
    Award Red Turtle Native American Arapaho Dolls. Donna Shakespeare-Cummings is an award winning full-blood Arapaho Artist who is in the Indian Market in Santa Fe, NM. Here Native American Dolls are a "one-of-a-kind". Experience the power and rich heritage her dolls represent.
    Religious Freedom with Raptors
    Religious Freedom with Raptors provides a comprehensive overview of the attack on indigenous sovereignty and racial segregation federal wildlife laws promulgate. The website details efforts to change these laws and provides visitors with civil rights resources and ways that they too can get involved. It is a valuable resource for all people invested in religious freedom, racial equality, and indigenous legal rights.
    Rhode Island Metis Community
    Metis US - Northeast
    A Native American - Metis organization Reaching out to those off reservation individuals in South East New England and providing them with educational and social programs.
    Cherokee United States
    The life of the cherokee
    Sam Sandoval's World of Wonder
    Salish US - Northwest
    Salish and Navajo artist and writer.
    Navajo US - Southwest
    From David Silver Bear's website. The Navajo are well known for their spectacular and intricate sandpaintings. These are made, and used in healing, and other ceremonies. A real sandpainting takes days to prepare, all natural colored sand is used, obtained from such places as the famous Arizona Painted Desert and around the Navajo reservation. The paintings are done on the ground, usually inside a ceremonial hut, and in the ceremony they are destroyed and the sand is given back to nature.
    Sen'klip Native Theatre Company
    Sen'klip Native Theatre Company
      Canada - Western
    Through the media of theatre, Sen'klip strives to pass the values, the traditions, and the knowledge of the past to the generations of tomorrow. Combining both traditional storytelling with the artistic freedom of contemporary theatre, the company takes this innovative method of teaching to the elementary schools of British Columbia, giving the Native youth a chance to show with pride, the culture that is uniquely theirs.
    seshendra: visionary poet of the millennium
    Seshendra sarma, a fellow of the central sahitya academy, a rare honor reserved “For the immortals of the literature” is a colossus of modern Indian poetry. This site presents his poems from his latest anthology of poems "From Word to century". These poems touch upon all major developments of the century in a poignant style.
    Shawnee Wegiwa
    Shawnee US - Northeast
    Unlike the Plains Indians, who could dismantle their dwellings and take their housing with them, the Shawnee built permanent structures that had to be left behind. It might be expected that a people who moved as often as the Shawnee would adopt movable houses similar to the teepee used by the Indians on the Western Plains. But conditions in the Eastern Woodlands differed from those in the Plains in several respects. Unlike the Plains, the Woodlands offered an abundant supply of materials for houses, a circumstance making it unnecessary to transport such materials from place to place.
    Standing Deer Presente! The Web Site of Standing Deer
    Oneida US - Central
    Dedicated to Standing Deer's Oklahoma family, the Wilsons, Bill, Susan, his baby girl, Vicki and grandchildren, Misti, Wendy, Emili, Meagan, Justin and sweet Judy, friend to all.
    Edited by Standing Deer, Bonnie Kerness & Anna Standing Deer.
    Stillaguamish Youth Program
    Stillaguamish US - Northwest
    Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians Youth Program Homepage...News, Calendar, Youth Projects
    StrongHeart Singers
      US - Northeast
    StrongHeart's songs are a combination of new and old styles sung in the disappearing Natick dialect of the Algonquin language, that spoken by the Native people of lower New England. While the Drum cannot revive the Natick language altogether they do attempt to keep as much of it alive as possible through their songs. StrongHeart's songs are contemporary in style and written by members of the Drum. The songs are a smooth blend of the singers' vibrant voices accompanied by the earthy voice that belongs to the drum.
    Stu McLean & Blackthunder Productions
    Anishinaabe Canada
    Stu McLean & Blackthunder Productions is a project out of Stony Mountain Penitentiary in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A group of Anishinaabe musicians incarcerated in a federal institution recorded and engineered a CD of original
    Suavecito Productions
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    This site is dedicated to the Anahuac-centric knowledge enrichment of our people’s proven intellectual and philosophical abilities We have been kept ignorant of the glories of our great and ancient history, a heritage that has more achievement and honor than the imposed European culture that we serve today. This MEXICA MOVEMENT site, presents the information and guidance that is necessary to help us take the first steps in the long road to regaining control over our land and lives.
    Survivors Of Boarding School Syndrome
    Cree Canada - Northern
    Survivors Of Boarding School Syndrome is the true story of a Cree woman's family history of three generations that attended the same residential school at St. Ann's at Fort Albany,along the James Bay coast.
    SUSD Stockton Community Labor Day Weekend PowWow
    Creek (Muskogee) US - West
    Annual Stockton Community Labor Day Weekend PowWow (SCLDWP)and Winter PowWow(this year, our nineteenth!) is a sub-committee. Contains info on Title IX, PowWow info, links, Native American Indian Center (NAIC).
    Sweetness' Wickiup: Native Genealogy
    Kickapoo US - Central
    How-to sites, where to locate records, Tribal/Nations contact listing. The 1900 Census for the Mexican Kickapoo Mission Oklahoma. And the 1910 Indian Population Census Pottawatomie Co., Avoca Twsp. Oklahoma. Pensoneau, (Shawnee/Kickapoo) & Bolster (Kickapoo/Assiniboine) family trees.
    Tache Ushte's Lodge of Light
    Osage US - Southeast
    I wrote this site at the request of elders. The words came after long periods of prayer and meditation in the Appalachia Foothills of Lookout Mountain.
    Taller de Mujeres Kunas
    Kuna America - Central
    KIKADIRYAI es una organización de mujeres Kunas que se dedican a la confección de la tradicional y milenaria "MOLA" la cual se distingue por su riqueza de colorido y por la técnica de su fabricación.
    Tamil Electronic Library
    Tamil Asia
    a very comprehensive collection of resources on Tamil language, literature, and culture
    Tamil Electronic Library
    a very comprehensive collection of resources on Tamil language, literature, and culture
    The American Indian Friends Coalition
    Maya United States
    Our initial objective is to provide badly needed aid and assistance to the large number of Mayan families that have recently moved to the United States for political asylum.
    The Bowyer's Den
    American Indian Weapons Information Page
    The Cincinnati Zapatista Coalition
      United States
    The Cincinnati Zapatista Coalition is a non-profit group whose main focus is Indigenous Rights here in the US and throughout the Western Hemisphere, but also works on all forms of oppression here within the United States.
    The Council of Maya Elders Website
    Maya United States
    A page constructed by the Ajq'ijaab' Elders of the Maya Nation. It's main goal is to educate people with Maya teachings including cultural and historical information.
    The Gros Ventre of Montana
    Gros Ventre US - Northwest
    Information about the Gros Ventre of Montana
    The International Personality of Indigenous Peoples
    by David Schneider & Dr. Louis Furmanski, University of Central Oklahoma
    The Lodge of Dancing Leaves
      United States
    Dear Brothers and Sisters This page is in memory of my babies and in memory of my ancestors.
    The Native American Music Ring
      United States
    The home of the Native American Music webring. Sites linked to one another for the purpose of promoting music by native american performers, songwriters, and record labels in an effort to better promote native american music projects nationwide.
    The Native American Nations Of The Black Mesa Region
      US - Southwest
    This document covers the ancient and modern history of the Anasazi, Hopi, Navajo, and neighboring peoples of the Four Corners region, with information on the cultures and environment of the Southwestern Colorado Plateau.
    The Navajo Nations Hottest Rez Band
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Stateline, originates from the heart of the navajo nation. Here you'll find information about our band, our performance schedule, how to contact us for engagements. We play top-40 country music and original country music with a hint of rock. Stateline's music is ideal for country line dancing, outdoor concerts, weddings to corporate functions. Stateline strives to be a band for the people and wishes to acknowledge all our hard core fans through out this great nation and "thanks you", for your continuned support.
    The Pine Needle Group
    Instruction and Links - Online Tutorials, Classes & Teachers
    The Pow-Wow Poll
    Nez Perce US - Northwest
    This web site is a place of for people who are fans of the pow-wow world to go and vote for their favorite dancers and drums. It has the results of completed polls, links, and some fictionalized humorous pow-wow posters
    The Ripoff of Native American Spirituality
    This page is to discuss the borrowing of Native American spiritual rituals. This issue has become a grave and very sensitive issue to many of us. They say that imitation the sincerest form of flattery, but we don't view it this way. While I feel that learning about others views is a good thing, borrowing from our beliefs or otherwise bastardizing them is a very insulting and bad thing to do.
    The SamE'-Na-Qwa Se'-Nom Nation
    The Shawl Lady
      US - West
    Simple, yet elegant shawls, custom made with 18" double fringe and double tied. All shawls are appropriate for Ceremony, PowWows or Giveaways.
    Thunder Hawk's Website
    A website where mixed-blood Native Americans can find links for genealogy, Native Recipes and graphics: poetry and more. Something for everyone.
    thunder horse singers website
    The ThunderHorse Singers are a Northern Style Singing group. We are a group of friends relocated in the state of Oklahoma.
    Tipi'stola Computer Graphics & More
    Tipi'stola Computer Graphics & More is a small in-home NEW business and is dedicated to creating and designing beautiful, comprehensive print and electronic media. Tipistola will prepare your promotional, marketing and educational material with unique cusomized computer graphic that will enhance your program or business. Updating and maintenance for an existing website is available. Tipi'stola also has expertise in the development of educational materials and conference coordination. Also avaiable through special requests is custom beadwork for turtles, knife sheaths, baby moccasins, and small pouches. Enjoy your visit! Pelamiya (thank you).
    Trade Silver
    Made by Chuck Leonard. Trade Silver is the name given to a style of jewelry that was used on the North American frontier from about 1725 to 1875.
    Mapuche America - South
    Mapuche Spiritual Tradition, Aboriginal Hierology and the complete books by Aukanaw.
    Tripuri people of India
    tropical field station with the Itza Maya
    Maya America - Central
    The tropical fieldstation in San josé, Petén, Guatemala works with the Itzá Maya in San José, Petén since 1990. Cultural survival, etnobotany and environmental questions of the tropical forest are the main points of our studies. We invite students and interested tourists
    Tsalagildy's Home Page
    Cherokee US - Central
    This site is dedicated to Our Ancestors who were here before us, who left us the "Way" , Our Spirituality, language, Culture, and all we have due to their great sacrifices.
    TWG Productions Home Page
    Comanche US - Southwest
    This site is dedicated to promoting the goals, mission and reporting on current events affecting TWG Productions, a grassroots non-profit company that works with American Indian nations to promote and preserve their native languages. Most recently, TWG Productions has been working with the Comanche of Oklahoma to develop educational media targeted toward preschool children and their families.
    Unofficial Dr. John R. Williams Memorial Website
    Lakota US - Central
    Dedication page to deceased lakota, educated, korean conflict veteran.
    Unseen Neighbors: Native Americans of Central Massachuetts, A People Who Had Vanished
    Nipmuc US - Northeast
    This is an article by Dr. Thomas Doughton titled "Unseen Neighbors: Native Americans of Central Massachusetts, A People Who Had 'Vanished' " A shortened version of this writing was published in Colin G. Calloway, editor, After King Philip's War: Presence and Persistence in Indian New England (Hanover, NH: University Press of New England, 1997).
    Victor's Northern Traditional Regalia
    Viva el Perú
    Quechua America - South
    Links to information about Peru, and a collection of information on the quechua language.
    Walker River Boxing Club
    Paiute United States
    Official Site of The Walker River Boxing Club. Native American Amateur Boxing Club. Schurz, Nevada. Boxing Links. Native American Links.
      US - Northeast
    Wampum strings (for minor points) and belts (for major issues) were always exchanged as an important adjunct to record keeping. Although such belts were valuable, they were not (as many easterners thought, and as many people still think) a form of currency. Rather, they were a form of record-keeping developed among the tribes through the centuries and used to impress indelibly the desired points embodied in the message of the speaker delivering them.
    wanaunsapi tiyospaye indian tipi camp
    Lakota US - West
    Living history tipi village of the "family group who hunts buffalo"
    Wequai Nadtauwompmau
    Whapmagoostui Art Factory
    Cree Canada
    The Whapmagoostui Art Factory is a Cree cooperative education project. Its objective is to develop students entrepreneurial spirit. The site contains the historical background of the project, ongoing activities and a catalogue. The Factory has been approached by the Aboriginal Mental Team, affiliated with the Jewish General Hospital and McGill University in Montreal, to collaborate to the creation of a resource guide that focuses on the use of creative arts in promoting health in North American Aboriginal communities.
    Whapmagoostui Art Factory
    Cree Canada - Northern
    The WAF is an highschool art project funded by the Cree Cooperative Education Program. The site is designed to describe the students' realizations, their goals and their dreams. It is a cultural gateway to open their vision and communicate with the world.
    White Buffalo's Home Page
    White Feather's Realm
    Sioux US - Northwest
    My site is about my Oglala Sioux Heritage. I also have many pages on Eagles and Wolves and Buffalos. There is also a lot of information on Leonard Peltier and ways to help support our cause of freeing him. I have many stories and poems and history on all the subjects mentioned. Toksa ake, White Feather
    Wicked Hatchets
    Lumbee United States
    Lumbee Indian making it "BIG" in music career
    Winterhawk Indian Youth Program
      US - Northwest
    Pacific Northwest intertribal youth program targeting students and community in south snohomish county near Seattle, WA
    Wintu of northern California
    Wintu US - West
    The Wintu Peoples of northern California (between the Sacramento Valley and the Trinity Mountain Ranges)
    Aztec (Nahua) Mexico
    We are traditional Aztec Dancers from Tacuba (Tlacopan), Mexico currently based out of Los Angeles, California. Please visit our site if you are interested in contacting us or just learning about us.
      US - Southwest
    Links the current Federally-recognized (and unrecognizes), State-recognized tribes and associations of the Southeastern Region of North America. There is also a listing of the smaller Historically documented tribes. Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation links are also included.
    Youth Awareness Concert
    Lakota US - West
    Youth Awareness Concert 25th Year Commemoration of Incident At Oglala: Calling for Peace, Reconciliation, and Freedom for Leonard Peltier June 27, 2000 - Loneman School Gym Oglala South Dakota

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