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    Ancestral Puebloans of the Southwest
      US - Southwest
    Anasazi, Mogollon, and Hohokam Indians settled in the Southwest between three hundred B.C. and one hundred A.D. The Pueblo Indians of today are the direct decedents of these Indian Cultures that raised corn, irrigated fields, and built massive stone structures in Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde hundreds of years before the first Europeans saw North America.
    Devistation of Forest Fires
    The devistation caused by forest fires is a subject that is important to all of us. The majority of information on fires is how beneficial they are, and how fast re-growth occurs. A good share of this information is at best misleading. The fire situation is only going to get worse unless drastic changes are made.
    Fremont Indian Rock Art
      US - West
    The Fremont Indians were diverse groups of Native Americans that inhabited the western Colorado Plateau and the eastern Great Basin of Utah from 400 A.D. to 1350 A.D. The Anasazi left us the great houses and kivas; the Fremont Indians left us the finest rock art in the world.
    Indian Smallpox
      US - Central
    The devistation of smallpox on the Indians of the upper Missouri.
    Indian Trade Guns
    Indian Trade Gun use by Native American during the Colonial and Fur Trade Era
    Mountains of Stone
    Mountains of Stone chronicles the effects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the emerging fur trade on the American Indians. Published by the Council for Indian Education, the Intertribal Editorial Board described Mountains of Stone as a fascinating story with good descriptions of various tribes and their cultures.
    The Indian Horse
    Acquisition, Distribution, and Use of the Spanish Colonial Horse by American Indians
    Trade Beads of the Indian Trade
    When the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez landed on the coast of Mexico in the spring of 1519, he had glass beads along with other European trade goods. In 1622, a glass factory was built near Jamestown, Virginia. Less than a year later, the factory was destroyed by a raiding party of Indians. Very few of the beads made in the Jamestown factory are believed to exist today.
    Use of Alcohol in the Indian Fur Trade
    The use of alcohol by the fur traders and President Jefferson's Indian Police to control the Indian Fur Trade

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