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  • Guidelines and Policy for Submittal of a URL to NativeWeb

    NativeWeb’s set of guidelines is used to evaluate websites submitted to the database. As a general policy:

    1. Websites will provide information, services or products directly related to indigenous peoples within the bounds of NativeWeb’s Mission Statement.

    2. Websites offer content that is considered appropriate for public Internet forums. Content does not include information about private/ceremonial/spiritual matters that is not intended for public dissemination, or violate copyright or intellectual property laws.

    NativeWeb's guidelines for commercial websites are intended to promote the growth of indigenous economies and to foster truth-in-advertising. Although there are no international laws regulating these standards, NativeWeb believes the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 is extremely useful when applied to websites that are from other areas of the world.

    1. Websites must describe the relevant Native origin of products/services, and explicitly identify the heritage/enrollment status of the people involved for those sites claiming Native American owners/authors and/or artists/manufacturers.

    2. Websites do not borrow irrelevant Native words, phrases or images as a marketing strategy (ie: 'peace pipes', 'animal totems’, etc.). Websites do not sell items of a spiritual/religious nature (ie: 'medicine bags', 'blessed masks', 'sacred pipes', 'ceremonial items', etc.).

    NW reserves the right to remove a website from the database if the site fails to maintain compliance with the policy guidelines.

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